Our Mission

To foster the personal development of young people by developing confidence in a marine environment.

Devonport Schools Waterwise Centre


Devonport Schools Waterwise Centre

Operating from Wakatere Boating Club, Narrow Neck, Devonport.

Schools operating from the centre:

  • Bayswater Primary
  • Belmont Primary
  • Devonport Primary
  • Hauraki Primary
  • St Leo’s Primary
  • Stanley Bay Primary
  • Vauxhall Primary

Chairperson: Dan Skelton
Secretary: Grant Carran
Treasurer: Joanna Steele

Web address: devonportwaterwise.co.nz (includes all schools contact details)


There are usually 2 main trainers who take the course. An additional 2 or 3 instructors from each school will assist at various sessions throughout the duration of the course.
In total there are about 20 trainers.