Waterwise Programme


New Zealand Schools Waterwise

At Waterwise we want to provide more Kiwi kids with the opportunity to explore and develop confidence in and around the water. The coast, lakes and rivers of our country play a large part in our lives. We believe that positive learning experiences around water will enhance every child’s future by building individual confidence and a strong sense of independence and connection.

Waterwise was formed by a group of predominantly Auckland schools to teach children water safety and aquatic awareness in a safe controlled marine environment.

Waterwise Benefits

Waterwise offers these experiences by

  • introducing basic skills in sailing and kayaking
  • catering for varying pupil interests and abilities
  • enjoying, respecting and understanding the environment, our resources and our young people

Our Waterwise programmes

  • Practical courses conducted in a safe water environment
  • Activities targeted towards children in years 5–9
  • Series of courses sequentially progressed in sailing skills and knowledge with appropriate age alignment in attitudes and values
  • All children will gain experience in adopting safe practices around the water, which can then be applied to many other recreational activities.


Waterwise operates in primary and intermediate schools, during school hours.  Pupils receive a minimum of three half-day sessions a term during the first and fourth terms.

The waterwise programme is practical and relates directly with the Physical Education strands: Movement Concepts and Motor Skills, Personal Health and Physical Development, Healthy Communities and Environments, Relationships with other people.

The programme can also have direct links with other curriculum areas: Language and Languages, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Science, Technology etc.

Resources are available on request for teachers to design classroom teaching programmes.